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Alexander Aizenshtat
Lebensdaten: geb. 1951 in Moskau, Russland

Alexander Aizenshtat (Alexander Eisenstadt) is a Russian-French-Austrian artist known as the founder of a new movement in world fine arts - metaphysical expressionism. He lives and works in both Jerusalem and Moscow.

Aizenshtat studied painting at the artistic school named after Serov at Prechistenka Street in the late 60s, continuing his studies in the studio of artist S. P. Skulskiy in the early 70s.

After his studies, in 1974, Aizenshtat moved to Israel, where he lived in the city of Safed (where the tradition of studying and interpreting of Kabbala was shaped) and in the kibbutz of Manheim. The picturesque outskirts inspired his creativity and he continued to paint. After he served in the army, Alexander Aizenshtat dedicated himself to religion, he started studying Torah and Talmud in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem. In 1980, Aizenshtat got married to French woman Sonya and moved to Paris. In 1989, he founded the Center for Torah Studies in Moscow. Alexander Aizenshtat followed Orthodox Jewish practice for much of his life, keeping the requirements strictly.

Career and exhibitions
As a young artist, Aizenshtat was exhibited in private houses around the world, including Paris and New York. His works were sold privately.

Since, 2010, he started getting recognition and exhibiting in Moscow including Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Triumph Gallery, Bulgakov Museum and others.

In 2016, Alexander Aizenshtat’s artworks were exhibited at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts curated by Irina Antonova and Andrey Tolstoy (Director of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts (RAKh).

Also, in November 2016, Aizenshtat's works were exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val curated by Zelfira Tregulova (a fine art expert and the Director of the Tretyakov Gallery).

In January 2017, his series of paintings called «Spectrum of Life» were exhibited at Christies’s in Moscow. In the summer of 2017, the Gallery of the Frida Project Foundation, partnered with Sberbank also displays these series. The curator of the exhibition was Mikhail Slobodinskiy.

In 2018, «Spectrum of Life» was exhibited in The Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt in Austria.