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Contra (after Clark)
Datierung: 2015
Maße: 68 × 68 cm
Material/Technik: Diptycon, Gips und Gouache auf Glas, Schaumkern, doppelseitiges Klebeband, Glas, Kunstseide
Creditline: Artothek des Bundes
Beschreibung: "Contra" is referring to the series of works by Lygia Clark from the late 1950s, called "Contra Relevo", where similar forms appeared in monochromatic order. I created the diptych through demounting and disconnecting parts of the original.

My attempt was to see it through the post-minimalistic perspective of domesticated materiality and contemplate the sculptural ideas included in the process of work of Clark. To highlight the distances and depth inside of each of two objects, I created closed frame, where few layers of plaster were applied onto glass.

The dialogue within two parts of the diptych, appears to be as important as between the hommage and the original, between the history and interpretation of it. Finding that sort of suspense was an essential part of the process.

Marcin Zarzeka, 2017
Objektnummer: 28119