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Real Estate Vie 02
Datierung: 2005
Maße: 100 x 100 x 20 cm, 75 kg
Material/Technik: Asphalt auf Aluminium
Creditline: Artothek des Bundes
Beschreibung: Being a record of time, this work catches the condition of a street at the time of the excavation. One square meter is the basis of speculation with ground. Now, this object of speculation is freed from its local binding and potentially can be transported like other goods.

Until now, five pieces of Viennese ground have been excavated on October 24 2005. Each measured 100cm by 100cm by about 20cm. In a second step these pieces were sliced down to 100cm by 100cm by 2cm. Next, a piece of New York City will be excavated.
Objektnummer: 26637