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So gentle.
Datierung: 2013
Maße: Rahmen: 92 × 72 cm
Material/Technik: Pigmentprint on cotton paper, Digital print on stickers, Finger paint Tactil color, 3D Bubble
Creditline: Artothek des Bundes
Beschreibung: “I’m in love.”, “So gentle.” are colour gradient pictures depicting different nail polish remover bottles’ texts as white text-stains that float upside-down at the transition between colour and non-colour. Their titles are quotes from online reviews for each of these nail polish removers. Both series stem from the sentence It’s my hair and I can do what I want with it! borrowed from Tiqqun’s Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl, which I should have read already in 1999.

Note: In Lisa Holzer’s ongoing series The Passing colour sometimes literally passes, permeates the glass, and comes out of the picture. In But yes, but yes! nail polish tries to permeate the glass to come into the picture. And in Yellow, a 2012 performance by the artist, described as On/off, glasses are touched with yellow before drinks are served, parting with colour, yellow was passed onto the audience’s hands via with yellow finger paint Tactil color touched glasses of Aperol spritz.
Somehow some of the pictures in this show have coloured fingerprints on the glass’ surfaces of their frames matching the colours on the prints beneath. It may only be, how romantic, dirt of old works on young ones in matching dull colours you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. And the direction taken by the colours remains unclear. And everything’s ensnarled and lumps and thus is relentlessly hopeless rather than romantic. Fuck young girls. my hand against may hand against
Lisa Holzer
Objektnummer: 27915